Arun District Indoor Bowling Club is a Limited Company founded in October 1983. It's principal objects are to provide for and to arrange and promote the playing of Bowls. In addition, to provide a Social Club for the purpose of encouraging social contact between Members.

The Management Committee manages the business and takes overall responsibility for the Club and it's premises. The Clubs AGM is held in August each year. In addition, the Management Committee has formed sub-Committees to organise the playing of Bowls.The Chairman and Secretary are ex-officio members of the various sub-Committees as follows.

Gordon Leaman Chairman Company Secretary Chris Hobbs Treasurer Andrew Brown &GDPR Contact Health & Safety Officer Barrie Fitch Membership Secretary Marion Richards Maintenance Manager & Website Administrator Rick Hobbs

The Men's Section is affiliated to the EIBA, SCIBA and L&SCBA (see Links). The Men's Committee is elected annually at their AGM in April and, as it's name implies, looks after the interests of the Men's Section.

President Joe Dyke Captain Ned Waddock Vice Captain Ron Gardner Vice Captain Mike Bird Vice Captain Terry Hayes Secretary David Parker Match Secretary Joe Dyke Competition Secretary Keith Hellyer League Secretary Andy Hunt Press Officer

Similarly, the Ladies Section is affiliated to the EWIBA and SCWIBA (see Links), The Ladies Committee is also elected annually in April and is responsible for the Ladies Section.

President Chris Horsley Captain Lynn Hathaway Vice Captain Janet Whitfield Secretary Sheila Stocker Match Secretary Gill Conley National Competition Secretary Bridget Collins Uniforms Secretary Margaret Phillips Press Officer Sheila Jones Competition Secretary & Well-Being Officer Maggie Brand

The Summer Section, in being since 2006, is by far the youngest of the Sections. Organised by the Summer Bowls Committee, it is a popular alternative to belonging to an Outdoor Club.

Captain Marion Richards Vice Captain & Competition Secretary   Lynn Hathaway Secretary Andrew Brown League Secretary Peter Ward Match Secretary John Ayling

There are other Committee members, helpers from within the Clubs Membership and professionals, all of whom help to keep the Club functioning as a successful and enterprising Indoor Bowling Club with a good reputation.

Green Manager Joyce Connors Welfare Officer Bob Murray Disability Bowls Advisor Rosie Smith Disability Bowls Advisor Alan Murrell SCWIBA Delegate Betty Spicer SCIBA Delegate and Selector + TV Information Monitor Editor Rick Hobbs

The images on this page are some of the various Committee members together with other Club Members who have taken on essential but non Committee roles. They are all familiar faces in the Club Life.